CromolynTM eye drops act on the mast cells to prevent
them from releasing the substances that cause symptoms
associated with seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.

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Conjunctivitis is a common disorder of the eyes and can happen to anyone under various circumstances. Conjunctivitis, also known as Pink Eye, is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin, transparent layer that covers the inner eyelid and the white portion at the front of the eye, which is known as the sclera.

While Infectious Conjunctivitis, which occurs due to bacterial or viral infections; and Chemical Conjunctivitis, which happens due to air pollutants or chemicals, can arise due to specific factors, Allergic Conjunctivitis is perennial, a lasting period, or seasonal and can affect individuals almost every year.

CromolynTM Eye Drops is a non-prescription drug intended to be used for the prevention and relief of the eye symptoms of Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis.


During an allergic reaction, various substances are released by certain cells in your eyes. These are called mast cells. The substances released by these cells affect blood vessels, nerves, and glands in your eyes in different ways, causing redness, itching and tearing. CromolynTM Eye Drops act on the mast cells to prevent them from releasing the substances that cause these symptoms.


The effectiveness of CROMOLYNTM EYE DROPS therapy depends on its
administration at regular intervals. CROMOLYNTM EYE DROPS should be
used continuously throughout the patient’s usual allergy season, even when
they are symptom-free.

Mask Group 59


  • Adults and children ≥ 5 years of age

    1-2 drops in each eye 4 times a day at regular intervals.

  • Maximum single dose per eye

    2 drops (1.6 mg)

  • Maximum total daily dose per eye

    8 drops (6.4 mg)